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HRL Series

HRL Series

· HRL stands for "High Rate Long Life." The series is a modern hi-tech energy application product.

· High energy, high intensity, high quality output electrical energy product series.

· Its characteristics are small volume, light weight, high discharge efficiency; it is best used for high intensity power supply needs.

· Same volume same quality level can advance high energy output density for an increase of 20%.

· High energy output, high cycling life, high rate discharge.

· It is best suited for high rate intensive applications and high efficient UPS.

· When it is used in safe surroundings, the battery is maintenance free, and you never need to add water. It can be recycled repeatedly.

· With its sealed container, the battery is not limited to direction, or position in place. It can be put in horizontally or vertically while not affecting performance or safety.

· With our CSB's special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy as well as our automatic processes, dangerous gasses will not be generated.

· Our HRL Series has a long life and high reliability as well as a low self-discharge rate.

· CSB's HRL Series has a low resistance so recharging is easy and energy output is superior.

· CSB's HRL Series can be used for either cycle or standby (float) use.

· High Rate Discharge construction.

· Deep discharge recoverability.

· CSB batteries are strictly tested using our patented CCDS (computer charge/discharge system).

· Our HR Series are ISO9001 and 14001 certified.

· CSB's batteries are manufactured with UL recognized components under UL 924, CSB file number MH14533.

· Complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67 for air transport.

· Classified per MG Amendment 27 as a non- hazardous material for water transport.

· Recognized by DOT as "Dry Charge" 49 CFR 171-189 for surface transport.

CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL 1210W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL 1210W
HRL1210W 12 V 10.0w/cell HRL 1210W F2FR is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high disc
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL12500W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL12500W
table { border-collapse:collapse; } table, td { border:1px solid grey; } Specification Cells Per Unit 6 Voltage Per Unit V Capacity   Maximum Discharge Current 800A (5sec)
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL12390W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL12390W
HRL12390W 12 V 390.0w/cell HRL 12390W is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high discharge&n
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL12330W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL12330W
HRL12330W 12 V 330.0w/cell HRL 12330W is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high discharge&n
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL12280W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL12280W
HRL12280W 12 V 280.0w/cell HRL 12280W is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high discharge&n
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL12200W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL12200W
HRL12200W 12 V 200.0w/cell HRL 12200W is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high discharge&n
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL12150W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL12150W
HRL12150W 12 V 150.0w/cell HRL 12150W is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high discharge&n
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL12110W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL12110W
HRL12110W 12 V 110.0w/cell HRL 12110W is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high discharge&n
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL1280W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL1280W
HRL1280W 12 V 80.0w/cell HRL 1280W is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high discharge 
CSB Battery HRL Series  HRL1234W
CSB Battery HRL Series HRL1234W
 HRL1234W 12 V 34.0w/cell HRL 1234W F2FR is specially designed for high efficient discharge and long life.application. It's characteristics are small volume, light weight and high&nbs