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Lithium lon battery

Lithium lon battery

There are two kinds of batteries: primary (disposable) batteries, which are designed to be discharged only once and discarded without recharge, and secondary (rechargeable) batteries, designed to be recharged and used multiple times. Due to the rapid growth of the electronics, telecommunications, and computer industries, lithium ion batteries that offer high reliability, as well as high performance, are in the spotlight more than ever before. The lithium ion battery's compact size, light weight, high power, and high capacity characteristics are superior to other batteries and are expanding their application from small mobile devices to high power devices such as power tools, gardening tools, and e-bikes.

High Energy Density

The ultra-high density per unit volume and mass enables a lighter and smaller product

High Voltage

The output operating voltage of the Samsung SDI lithium ion battery is 3.7 V per cell, which is more than three times higher than Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd batteries (1.2 V per cell).

High Discharge Rate

Lithium ion battery permits discharge rates high enough to power a notebook computer's spinning hard disk or digital video camera's motor.

Fast Charge

Fast charging is made possible with an exclusive lithium ion battery charger (1 CmA, 4.2 V CC-CV).

No Memory Effect

Lithium ion batteries have no memory effect, as seen in Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, from which repeated charging and discharging reduces charging capacity to an insufficient level.

Long Life Cycle

Lithium ion batteries last through more than 500 repeated charges and discharges, making them very economical.

High Storage Characteristics

Lithium ion batteries have a slow loss of charge; the residual capacity after 3 months of storage is over 95%.

High Safety Certified by UL Safety Standard UL-1642, the Samsung lithium ion battery withstands overcharging by applying a 5-way safety stop for high thermal safety High Quality Samsung SDI's Six Sigma Quality Control assures superior reliability of Samsung's lithium ion battery.

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