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KACO inverter

KACO inverter

KACO began manufacturing sine inverters more than 60 years ago. The product portfolio offered by KACO today is being used around the globe for rail vehicle and photovoltaic applications. KACO new energy begins in 2010 as the world's second largest manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters. With over 3 GW of inverters in operation worldwide KACO is a trusted and reliable partner for photovoltaic systems across the globe.

The sun won't send us an electricity bill. It provides us with free energy while the fossil fuels we burn for energy cause political conflicts, environmental degradation and are subject to volatile price spikes. The sun will remain readily available for as long as there are people around to harness its energy. It is our commitment to design devices and systems that yield maximum outputs from solar energy. One of our goals at KACO is to preserve our planet's natural environment as best we can for the generations to come.

For over 60 years KACO inverters have been setting the standard for photovoltaic system solutions and customized power supplies. Known in Europe for our high reliability and maximum efficiency, the world's second largest PV inverter manufacturer has now developed a second series of inverters for the US market. Adherence to the highest technical standards is how we ensure our technological leadership. Read more here about the blueplanet 02xi series inverter for residential and commercial applications or click here to read more on the KACO central inverter. We have established ourselves in the market of customized power supplies and photovoltaic system solutions as one of the most technologically innovative and reliable companies around. Our strength and competitive advantage lies in our customer-orientated business practices and of power-electronic development specifically designed for our customers.

Another important component that defines KACO's high standard is our Quality Management System, which defines procedures, organization and process cycles. Our high performance is maintained and continuously enhanced by this extensive, cross-divisional system, which is adapted to changing requirements. It is the task and obligation of all KACO new energy, Inc. employees to actively take part in our stringent Quality Management System, to follow the defined processes appropriately, and to contribute to continuous improvement.

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